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Where did all that time go...

Wow, the last couple of months since I got back from India really flew by. Winter is over (although it's still chilly here), and I guess its time for me to try shedding all the extra weight I put on. Too bad I'm uber lazy lately... what's new with me...Collapse )

For anyone wondering, my trip to India was quite the experience. I don't think I'll ever forget it. Spending a month in India was an adventure in itself.
About my trip to India...Collapse )

Safie out!

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Halloween Recommendation

I'm in a festive mood lately, so I've decided to post some Halloween book recommendations. :-) Although, they don't really have much to do with Halloween except for the timing and the "urban fantasy" genre I guess. I was in the mood for some dark, mysterious vampire or maybe a tall sexy werewolf. Truth be told I was sick last week, and I had a lot of time on my hands, so my best friend lend me bunch of her urban fantasy books. Some I liked, some were ok, and others I would gladly return to her. (Sorry P, still love ya though!)


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For some wild, furry fun:

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For the Vamp lovers:

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Well that's it for now.
Enjoy your Halloween!


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I've had a pretty productive couple of months - not just at work, but also with all these books and stuff. Check out some of my recommendations and reviews for books and tv series.

Books: Here are a few books that I've read just recently. I'll finish writing the reviews later on. Enjoy!

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
It is a heartbreaking story about a father and his son trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. I was truly moved emotionally by this tale. I think I've left a whole bunch of post-its in that book, noting some of the most beautifully written excerpts I've ever read.  It's written in an unusual  manner, that seems odd at first, but later I start to find it rather haunting.
Overall, it was worth every penny and second spent on it!

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong
This is a urban fantasy with werewolves and kick-ass chicks. Overall, it's a good light read.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire

The Vampire, Lestat
by Anne Rice
Very compelling story. I'm not a big fan of the whole vampire-lore. But Anne rice truly wrote a masterpiece that puts many urban fantasies to shame. Lestat is a very compelling and youthful character full of brilliance and sinfull innocence. I love that he loves even the most banal things his life. You want to feel the way he feels about the world - so awake, so pure -  it's inspiring in many ways. It's a good read, far better than some of those teenage-vampire-sob stories *cough* Twilight *cough.* :-)

Game of Thrones
by G.R.R. Martin
Whether you like fantasy or not, this book is amazing. The political intrigue will have you fidgeting in your chair. The action will have you clutching the book, unwilling to let go. It's a true masterpiece in my mind. I should also warn you that this book is not for the faint of heart (if you will), or for the very stupid (god forbid should they actually learn something :P ).

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott
I found it to be a rather interesting yet unusual fantasy. It has lots of interesting characters; some are despicable, some are amazing, some are just peculiar. This book is a bit hard to stomach sometimes. Some stuff that happen are just despicable and you may want to kill a few of the character's yourself (not that you could since they are fictional... but regardless). The action really start picking up towards the last couple of chapter as all the different characters from different walks clash. Well, overall it's a good read. Enjoy!

TV Series:
I don't watch much TV, but these two series have caught my eye. I encourage anyone to check them out.
Rome (on HBO)
it's not a new series, but it's damn awesome. I picked it up at the video store the other day and I've had to pace myself otherwise it would be done within the week.
I've always wanted to watch this series since I saw the ads for it a few years ago. And even though, I've studied the classics in school, this series adds a whole new flavor that my text books could never express. It's exciting, and the intrigue gets you sitting at the edge of your seat, every time.
Stargate Universe (Space or SciFi)
It's a new series, that just started last week on the Space Channel. So far so good. Kind of reminds me of Battlestar Gallactica/Star Trek Voyager - with the whole "lost in a distant part of space and trying to get home" theme. The characters seem interesting so far, although I'm still not sure where the storyline will lead. I hope it's not just another Voyager and Gallactica, even though it's oddly reminiscent of that. So, I'm interested to see if they can take this theme in another direction than these two series. Otherwise, if you are a fan of the SG-1 and SGA, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

Until next time.


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The 9 deadly sins of CAD...

Over the last year of working with Architects who know jack about CAD, I've compiled, with a friend, a list of deadly sins of cad. It points out few of the deadly sins of cad (of course not limited to these alone). If you are a proficient CAD user, you know what I mean.

The Nine Deadly Sins of CAD:
9) Using anything but 0,0 as a insertion point for x-refs.

8) Inserting 3D objects in you 2D drawing and not knowing it.
7) Screwing with the UCS
6) Exploding dimensions
5) Linetype by properties
4) Thinking 'audit' magically fixes everything.
3) Inserting an imperial block to a metric drawing with no clue of how to scale properly.
2) Switching from 3.3 to 2008 and back (fatal errors galore!)
1) Drawing on all one layer
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Little update on books that I've read or that I'm planning on reading.

Books I'm reading (still):
Spirit Gate by Kate Elliot
It's acutally an interesting book, but I've been busy lately and haven't had the chance to finish it.

I've just started reading the Aisling Grey series by Katy MacAlister, which are basically chick-lit with a touch of paranormal, a dash of humor and some romance thrown in there. These books are lots of fun, and perfect light reading. So far I've read You Slay Me; Fire me Up and Light my Fire.

Books I have that I plan on reading:

Honeymoon in Purdah by Alison Wearing
Tales of Otori: Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn

Also, this little old lady my dad knew was moving into a retirement home so she basically gave away her entire book collection - which let me tell you holds over 150 romance novels. I've never seen so many! I laughed at a lot of the title which are corny as hell. There is one series of books called 'Men made in America' with each book representing a romance about a guy from each US state. I was like - wow, that's corny. When I saw the first I just laughed and rolled my eyes, but the I realized that it was a whole series and this old lady had about 30 of them. It's kind of pathetic. 

I never really saw the appeal in romance novels - they just seem so unrealistic. I'm all for chick-lit from time to time, but when the theme of the story is pure romance I can't help rolling my eyes. I don't mind if its an adventure novel with a touch of romance thrown in as long as the romance doesn't take over the story, I'm ok with it.

Anyway, I decided to give one of these romance novels the benefit of the doubt, so I picked one up that was mildly interesting. For the most part, the story wasn't too bad, I like that the main character wasn't a weak-minded chick, but what killed it for me was the ending. It was so "happily-ever-after-ish" - it just didn't feel right. Not to mention that this woman spent half the book trying to decided between two gorgeous men -  yeah ok! *rolls eyes*

So after that little experiment I've decided to forgo ever reading any other purely romance novels.

That's all for now folks :P


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Hey, i just made a few updates to my sketches in my gallery - I have quite a few more that I will be adding soon.

Here is the link to my Gallery

AN: If anyone wants to use my art just contact me or just link back to my LJ site. Thanks!!


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That's right, I'm bored again so I did one of these quiz thingies again. This one is called What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?

I actually like what I got as a result.

You scored as Mystic, You are a Mystic. Practical magic isn't really your thing; you much prefer to take the inner roads to self-development and spiritual evolution. You find ecstasy in meditative silence and commune with the divine without aid of any church or religious leader to guide you. You will seek the light of heaven in your own way, even if that way is not apparent to the casual observer.



White Lighter


True Alternative

Aimless Eclectic




What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Nov. 6th, 2006

This sketch is incomplete, i should finish it soon, though.
This is a sketch I did for Jess, since she demanded no more cutsie shit! lol

Title: Sexy Boots
Rating: PG
Theme: General, though some may say it's dominatrix-y
Medium used: Pencil
Status: INCOMPLETE (Preliminary sketch)

I love sexy shoes. And come on, sexy black leather boots - every woman has got to have a pair. Oh and I saw these hot boots with a diamond studded heel - I was practically drooling. I should have bought them because, when I went back a week later, they were all sold out.


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3 AM

Just a random sketch, may need some fixing though. Her right hand is a bit wonky.

Title: The song writer
Rating: PG &/or mature for tasteful nudity
Genre: Pin-up style
Medium Used: Pencil
Status: In Progress

All night long, with words on the tip of my tongue and a tune teasing my ear. There is nothing better than my music. I hold it firm and smooth. I ride my fingers across his neck. The vibrations in his hollow chest, is everything I need.

At three AM, it's just me and my music.



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Artists of Interest

Artists of interest
These are some fantasy and sci-fi artist whose artwork I like a lot.
I often like to look at some of their artwork for inspiration at times. Some of their work is really sexy and wicked cool, so have a look at some of these galleries.

Frank Frazetta :

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell :

Luis Royo :

Ken Kelly :
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